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Is it supper time already?
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Ever find yourself wandering through the grocery store trying to come up with new dinner ideas? Or how about those days that you open the refrigerator and cabinets a billion times hoping that you can find a quick, easy, meal to prepare. Hopefully with the help of others, we can come up with new foods to serve our families. We all have our favorites, show em off!!!

We wanna see what you're cooking first!!! The recipe itself is helpful, but not required. This is a place for people to come for ideas. Let's spice up our evenings.

And now, on with the rules:

1. All entries must have a photo. This is not an option. I'm not going to give a maximum size, since this is a photo based community, but lets try and keep the size within reason.

2. Please put all recipes and descriptions behind a cut. Here are instructions on how to do an lj-cut. And remember, this is a place for ideas. Recipes are not required, but photos are.

3. I understand that not everyone, will like every recipe. Please be respectful. If you don't like what someone has made, chances are someone else will. Skip over the post. Please no rude or uncalled for comments.

4. There are different forms of measurements that will be used. Here is a great Conversion Chart, and another one is Here.

5. For ease in finding recipes, I highly suggest using tags. I will go back and edit if you forget, but it's very much appreciated if you do it when you post. If there is a tag that you would like added, please leave a comment in your post, or contact me through one of the entries in the memories section.

6. It is also quite helpful if you use the subject line to write what it is that you're actually posting. It will help the maintainers tag it if you forget, and make it easier for members to know what you're posting a picture of.

We also now have a sister community suggest_supper where people can request recipes and ask food related questions.

***If you are not looking for a bunch of pictures showing up daily on your friends page, you may want to friend the community, but not click the box for it to show up on your friends page.***

There is a post located in the memories section where you can and address any questions or suggestions that you may have regarding this community.